Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Well, It Finally Happened

Every night I fall asleep watching "Good Eats."  I love me some Alton Brown.  His show helps me refine my cooking methods.  I've seen every "Good Eats," save for the new shows. 

I digress. You see, I have a touch of insomnia.  I learned that if I curl up in bed, head on my pillow, watching the processes of cooking will relax me enough to fall asleep.  Weird.  And true.  When I stumbled upon the mellowing nature of my favorite cooking show, I wondered if I would ever incorporate "Good Eats" into a dream.  

Well, it finally happened.  Two nights ago I, uh, well, I... dreamed I loved me some Alton Brown.  I don't remember the details of the dream. I do know, however, that last night when I clicked on "Good Eats" so I could learn more about corned beef, I blushed to my toes.   

Keep in mind that I'm in my 30's (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) and I'm here to tell you that the rumors about women hitting their peak in their 30's is no lie.  Lucky Darling.  I digress.  All I can say is if I blushed to my toes about a dream, it musta been a good one!

And if I get a book deal or go on tv, this is the first post I'm deleting. Then I'm purging all that stuff about my FIL.  Just sayin' 

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