Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Enough Already

Please tell me, do we shirk our parental responsibilities when our kids pull the "well, so-and-so did it, too" card?  No.  We address our kids and say we're not interested in what their friends are doing or get to do.  As intolerant as I am with that scenario with my children, I'm even less tolerant of it when dealing with my adult elected representatives.

I'm not interested in who-did-what-with-which-bills in the past.  I care about this bill, now.  And I do not like what I see.  Read more here.

I'm more than tired of hearing the Democrats say the Republicans have used reconciliation.  Republicans did use it - in budget measures - as it was designed, not to remake 1/6 of our economy.  I'm also tired of hearing Progressive Democrats say they need to pass this bill and then we'll find out what's in the bill.  Who buys a house without getting it inspected first?  Fools, that's who.  Who buys a car without test-driving it first?  Fools, that's who.  Why on earth do the Progressive Democrats think Americans are stupid enough to want a bill passed that changes 1/6 of our economy when even they don't know what's in it?  It's insulting, really.

If we're going to change 1/6 of our economy, it should be with true bipartisan support.  Both Republicans and Democrats should have an equal say in the process.  That's how Social Security was passed.  That's how Medicare and Medicaid were passed.  Scrap this 2,000 page monstrosity and start over!

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