Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Perfect Match

Ever have one of those mama moments when you think, "God made me the right mama for this child?"  Yeah.  I just had one of those. 

Little One's lower lip has healed enough that the scabs feel dry and tight. (Here's what happened to her lip.)  She won't let me put balm on them, so she's more miserable than necessary.  How do you rationalize with a toddler?  Sigh.  Poor Little One.  We were finishing her nap time tuck-in routine and either I bumped her lip while kissing her cheek or her blanket grazed her lip, but she started crying again.  For the umpteenth time today.  Her poor mouth.  I knelt down at her bed and leaned over and just hugged her.  And hugged her.  And held her some more.  She scooted down into my lap and we read her tuck-in books all over again.  Then she climbed back into her bed.  We finished the routine (which means I kiss her bear, then her blankets, and then her) and I smiled and walked out.  As I shut her door, I said what I always say - "I love you, honey."  She smiled and said, "I lub oo, Mama."  Sniff, Sniff  Some moments are perfect and I thank God on my knees with tears in my eyes.  Amen.

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