Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Does This Square?

Did my Bible study this morning. And yes, true to my Lenten Commitment, I've not missed a single morning of delving into the Word. Yea, me!

I'm still reading Acts. Acts 13:51 says Paul and Barnabas "shook the dust off their feet" when they left Paphos because the people rejected their teachings of Jesus. What it made me think about was Jesus' admonishment to forgive. When asked how many times they should forgive someone, Jesus said in Matthew 18:22 to forgive them "seventy times seven."

So we shouldn't hesitate to protect ourselves and leave if we experience rejection, but we should forgive those who reject us? Is that how those two square? I'm going to chew on this all day, I can already feel it. Yea, me? Yes! Better to chew on the words of the Lord than to chew on gossip.

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