Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stop the Presses! I Agree with Barbara Walters.

I rarely catch "The View." (So not a fan.) I did, however, catch this:

I saw "The Blind Side" and Sandra Bullock did do an amazing job. Elisabeth Hasselbeck correctly states that the movie sheds a light on how the government entities tasked with keeping kids from falling through the cracks failed Michael Oher.

The Tuohey's didn't stop the car that night to help him because he was black. They stopped the car because the night was frigid, he was walking to nowhere in the middle of nowhere and had no coat. How is that racist? Maybe one can only achieve true "Good Samaritan" status if one only seeks to help one's own race? Did I get that right? Please tell us, Ms. Williams. I would enjoy hearing your perspective.

Barbara Walters said it correctly. This movie doesn't focus on a white family swooping in to rescue a black child. "The Blind Side" focuses on a family helping a child in need, falling in love with that child, and embracing him as one of their own. Please tell me what's wrong with that love story.

I left the theater not thinking about how I wanted to swoop in and help a black child, as Ms. Williams suggests. I left the theater marveling at how fiercely Leigh Anne loved her children and hoping my kids know I love them fiercely and praying that I have the backbone to advocate for them the way Leigh Anne Tuohey advocated for hers. (Notice I didn't think "advocated for her poor adopted black child.")

Only in the Age of Obama have my eyes been opened to racism. I did not notice race before. My liberal friends will tell you that can't be true, yet it is. After years of all-school assemblies admonishing me (and every other student) for pre-judging and assuming, I willfully retrained my brain to not notice race. It worked. I did not notice race. I noticed people, but not their colors.

It took our "post-racial" Presidential candidate Barack Obama and his cries of racism for me to notice race. It took the Left and their insistence that the only reason anyone could not like Barack Obama was race. Now race is the first thing I notice and it makes me sick that I notice. Ironic, isn't it? Maybe this is why liberals tend to be angry people? The constant acid indigestion from constantly noticing differences would make anyone angry.

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