Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gone to the Dogs

A new study shows that the carbon footprint of a medium-sized dog equals that of a SUV.  No, really.  Evidently:

"The Vales calculate the carbon footprint of a medium-sized dog as 2.08 acres, more than twice the 1.01 acres needed to create enough energy to build a Toyota Land Cruiser. However, the pair said the average driver travels about 12,000 miles a year, making the carbon footprint of the Toyota and the dog roughly equivalent."

Read more about it here.

I wonder how many of my vegetarian friends because of their concern over global warming (or is it climate change?) who have large dogs will have a crisis of conscience over this?   How many of them who get lathered up about how horrible it is that we're negatively affecting the earth will give up their large dogs?  What will PETA say about it?  Where is the line between enjoying your life and caring for the earth?  And what does "caring for the earth" really mean?

My thoughts?  Well, I don't believe global warming/climate change is man-made.  The earth goes through climate changes as a matter of course.  The earth was warmer and there was more CO2 in the Middle Ages than today.  That said, we should definitely be good stewards of the earth and not abuse our resources, but I'm not giving up juicy burgers or air conditioning.  Plant a tree.  Go organic when you can.  Don't dump waste into rivers.  Keep the A/C at a reasonable temp.  No need to get all nutty with the legislation.  Or to euthanize the pups. 

At any rate, there you go.  Hmmm... does this go in I'm Just Sayin' or Right-Wing Rants?  Eh, we'll call it a rant.  ;-)

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