Friday, April 30, 2010

Tips and Tricks for Domestic Sanity - Cheese

We go through a lot of cheese in our house.  I got tired of grating my own cheese and/or buying expensive shredded cheese at the grocery store.  We started buying the big 5 lb.-bag of cheese at the warehouse club several years ago.  So what do I do with that huge bag of cheese?


Gather your cheese (duh), scissors to cut open the bag, quart sized-freezer bags, and a permanent marker to label the bags.

Label 5-6 bags with the date - including the YEAR.  I used to just label the day and month, then would wonder what year I put them in the freezer.  Major duh.  So, lesson learned: label at least the month and year.  Mystery bags in the freezer are not ideal.

Open all the labeled bags and fold back the tops to keep them open.  

Slice open the cheese bag down the center and across the sides.  Then, holding the bad over the cheese, place handfuls of cheese in the bags.  (Learn from my mistake of getting shredded cheese all over the kitchen floor.)

Seal the bags, working out as much air as possible.  Then, place the cheese in your freezer.  Helpful hint: Try to keep all the cheese in the same general area in the freezer.  It's nice to be able to determine with a glance if you need to buy more cheese. 

~ G

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