Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sprinkler Time

I am woman.  I can fix things.  Ha ha ha ha ha.

Bought a house with a sprinkler system.  Green thumb inspiration hit and felt urge to plant a flower bed.  Planted a shrub in front of a sprinkler head.  Shrub grew.  Sprinkler head height couldn't surpass the shrub to get water to the grass.  Grass struggled, barely cheated death.  Tried installing a riser for sprinkler head to get water to grass.  Riser and sprinkler head spent summer watering house more than grass.  Various methods of tightening riser and sprinkler head failed.  House well-watered, grass still struggled.  Decided to rip out shrub, remove riser and aim sprinkler at grass.  Hopefully, grass will grow again.

Saga in Pictures:

See bare spots?

Long riser, already removed and sprinkler head replaced.  Photos of before and whole process not available as green thumb covered in mud and soil.  

Done!  Riser gone.  Sprinkler head happily nestled back in bed.

~ G

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