Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Cute Wears Off

Ever have one of those days when your kids' "cute" has just plain worn off?  Yeah.  I'm having one of those evenings.  They're workin' on m'nerves.

I even stooped to calling them "ungrateful turkeys."  Yeah.

The story?  Well, after multiple meltdowns (theirs) and finally reaching an hour close enough to dinner to qualify the food as "dinner," I asked Middle One and Big Kid what they wanted for dinner.  The answer: Mac and cheese with hot dogs.  Easy enough, right?  Apparently not.

We were out of the boxed mac and cheese.  So, I asked them if they would mind homemade mac and cheese.  They said, "no."  I made a basic white sauce, turned it into a cheese sauce, mixed it with steaming hot macaroni and cut up hot dogs and served it.

Things were going well until Little One started calling it "yucky."  Then, Big Kid and Middle One fell like dominoes.  Suddenly the meal wasn't good.  Suddenly it was inedible.

Meltdown time (mine).  I lost it.  I informed them that only one of their friends' moms actually knows how to cook. No other mother of any of their friends knows how to make biscuits or pancakes or bread from scratch.  No one makes pizza from scratch.  No one knows how to make gravy from scratch, much less homemade mac and cheese.  They are lucky to have a mother who knows how to cook and they don't even know it and frankly, tonight, they've hurt my feelings.  Somewhere in there I threw in "ungrateful turkeys."

Bedtime can't come soon enough.

And yes, I promptly called my mom and apologized for being an ungrateful turkey and not appreciating the good food she placed before me when I was a kid.  She accepted it gracefully. I expect similar phone calls from my kids in 20 or so years.

~ G


  1. I hate to laugh but I swear I could have written this post!

  2. can we have the ungrateful turkey mac & cheese sauce recipe?

  3. We had the exact same conversation about homemade mac and cheese...! LOL

  4. Totally agree!! My "ungrateful turkey's" complain ALL the time about good food. I hope I get my "sorry mom" phone call in 20 years too!!

  5. Awww... you all make me feel so normal!



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