Monday, May 10, 2010

I Should Know By Now hand out popsicles OUTSIDE and not in the kitchen.  We bought $1 popsicle forms at Target this weekend and made our own orange juice pops.  Today the kids wanted some.  Like, duh.

In a moment of sheer stupidity optimism, I handed them their popsicles - from the sink.  It's now possible to follow a sticky, polka-dotted trail from the kitchen sink (where I defrosted the forms enough to remove said popsicles) to Little One's perch at the table this snack time - which happens to be, um, Darling's chair.  There's an amoeba-shaped orange patch by the island where Middle One stood and a series of little drips, courtesy of Big Kid.

Sigh.  You'd think I was a rookie.  ;-)  Time to go Shark the kitchen.

~ G

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