Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Better Politician? An excellent piece on Paul Ryan

How do you train or raise up a better politician?  Brian J. Bolduc, an economics editorial writer for the Harvard Crimson, published a solid piece on the topic and Paul Ryan.  Read the following excerpts, then head to the Harvard Crimson to read the piece in its entirety.  Here are some excerpts:

- Mr. Ryan has proposed a “Roadmap for America’s Future,” which even the president considers “a serious proposal.”
- Individualism is far more pro-human than collectivism; I think Hayek did a great job of showing that,” Mr. Ryan said.
- “You shouldn’t be embarrassed by the tea parties. They are people fed up with big government. That is something that every conservative should be comfortable with…It’s more of a snobbish thing. If you’re trying not to be associated with tea parties, you’re not prepared to intellectually defend your ideas.”
- When I asked whether he should accept the fact that Democrats won the last election and stop writing bills that die in committee, he objected: “So we should surrender our principles? I think we owe it to people to give them an alternative. The reason my plan is not going anywhere is because Democrats control Washington. I’m not prepared to accept that as a permanent condition. You don’t get the climate of change without giving a principled detailed alternative.”
Want more?  Read the whole piece here

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