Friday, April 9, 2010

Save the Ducks!

I suspect the reason most accidents occur within five minutes of home has a great deal to do with complacency.  This morning I almost ran over the leader of the flock of seagulls ducks that live near our neighborhood lake.  I was driving along, listening to my car full of kids chattering, apparently zoned out in the monotony of my morning routine - when suddenly I realized there was a duck about to cross in front of me.

I slammed on the brakes!  (He really is a pretty duck.)  He stopped in the middle of the road.  His lady friends stopped in a little line behind him.  He glanced around, probably assuming my tire was in the way, then turned around and waddled back the way he and his ladies came.

Thank God no one was right behind me.  Thank God the kids were all in their booster seats, car seat, and securely buckled up.  Thank God I didn't squish a duck.

So that's my theory:  Accidents happen close to home because it's familiar territory and we zone out.  Just sayin'.

~ G

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