Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My First Blog - As a Sticker-Wearer

How did I get started blogging?  Well, it all started the night of Sarah Palin's RNC speech.  She spoke everything I was thinking and it mobilized me.  I started a blog on Townhall to chronicle my new-found political awareness.  Here's how it started:

Sarah Palin's RNC speech inspired me to take action.  I've never been demonstrative about my politics before, but this is the year I decided to settle in on the Right and be obvious.  The day after Sarah Palin's speech, I logged onto and ordered 50 McCain/Palin stickers to wear.  My grand plan is to wear one sticker a day until the Election is over.  This blog will follow my adventure into being a politically obvious citizen.

The stickers arrived on Sept. 18, 2008.
Day one: Slapped one on my shirt and wore it around the house.  Feel a little ... go here to read more.

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