Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lenten Commitment Review

Remember my Lenten Commitment?  (If not, go here.)  This was the first year God asked me to add something, rather than subtract something.  I'd gotten away from reading my Bible daily and that was what God asked me to embrace again.  So, I did.

An interesting thing happened.  Of course, after I say it, all my God-girls out there will nod and say they knew it all along.  I started craving the Word again.  Every morning I'd read a little before getting on with the day - usually before stepping out of bed.

Over the Lenten season, I read Acts, part of Romans, and some of Luke and Mark.  I'm still in Romans and will continue to read.  Mornings just don't feel right without a few words from the Lord, you know?  I'm not back to needing full-on, Beth Moore, in-depth, chewing on the Word, yet.  That's not where I need to be.  God's made it plain I am where He wants me.  It's a good place to be.

~ G

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