Monday, October 4, 2010

So Here's the Thing

I've been watching Thintervention on Bravo.  It's the Bravo version of "Biggest Loser" and the scary gonna-get-ya-in-shape-if-it-kills-me chick is Jackie Warner.  Last year (last year?) I watched her reality behind-the-scenes at her gym show, but lost interest after the first season.  Eh, too much for me.  But, watching porkers try to slim down is far more interesting than watching a bunch of whiny buff-bots attempt to nail each other, literally and figuratively.  My favorite person from the first season was the chunky girl who hired Jackie as her trainer.  I kept thinking, "show me more of her!" Any hoo, I'm watching Thintervention and getting inspired.

I requested Jackie's latest book from the library.  Yes, we're on a first name basis.  If the chick can tell me through her book, of course that sugar is my smack, then I'm calling her Jackie.  I digress.  Again.  Finally, the book came in and I've been trying to "eat clean."  And I was.  Mostly.  Until today.  Um, yesterday.

See, the thing is, we had a party and some friends brought me a box of candy.  Pralines, to be exact.  Yummy, delectable, no self-control pralines.  I ate the whole box in 30 hours.  That would be ~2,000 calories.  To my credit, I ate cleanly when I wasn't shoving sugar smack in my face.  Progress.

So here's the thing.  I'm exercising.  I'm lifting weights.  I'm using the elliptical.  I'm using my yoga mat.  I'm weighing in on my scale that I'm convinced is broken... and I'm debating how much of my journey to get fit should be on the blog.  Is anyone even reading this?  Does anyone care that all I want is to fit into my jeans right out of the dryer?  Maybe some toned arms for next year's sleeveless season?

Is it TMI to put my weight, fat %, BMI, and inches on the blog?  I'm kinda game... I mean, this is an anonymous blog and all.  No one knows me.  Unless I get a book deal - then all bets are off.  Well, that or if Jackie Warner shows up and makes me purge the pantry.  And that's not a euphemism.  What kind of euphemism, I do not know... but some people have really dirty minds.

~ G

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