Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dogs Have Some Serious Sniffing Power

Let me be the first to tell you that dogs have some serious sniffing power.  Okay, I'm probably not the first to tell you this tidbit.  Unless you're 4.  Or have never been around a dog.  Or have a short term memory issue.  Or is it a long term memory issue?  I don't remember.

A friend and I traded rawhides for bones.  Yeah, I'm that kind of girl.  Some girls trade cups of sugar for frozen veggies or baked goods for baked goods or I don't know what else.  I trade rawhides for bones.  I just roll that way.

Seems my stealthy attempt at keeping the bones out of sight and out of mind didn't work.  She (the dog) found the bag.  The dog, not the friend, found the bag of knuckles, bullies, and assorted cured skeletal bits.

The bag (of bones, not the friend) is almost empty.  Seems the dog has the same problem with moderation as I do.  Well, at least we deserve each other.

I think.

~ G

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