Sunday, October 17, 2010

Could It Be?

A baby for Rachel Zoe and her hubby Rodger Berman?  Joan Rivers said it on this Fashion Police and then I saw it online in several places.  It's online so it must be true... right?  No, no, that's not outrageous, hysterical laughter you're hearing.

How sad is it that I'm grinning and happy for a woman 1) I don't even know and 2) who might not actually be pregnant?

Come to think of it 3) would throw out most of the contents of my closet because I'm a mom and most of the last decade's budget has gone to the kids and not my clothes, but 4) from whom I would gladly accept a makeover.

And yes... I watch Fashion Police.  I like "Bitch Stole My Look."  Please give me some time to come to terms with my latest tv guilty pleasure.

Ahem,  I'm just sayin'

~ G

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