Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm a Sucker for a Smile

Have you ever noticed how smiling at someone can lighten your day and make a grump smile back?  Little One and I were grocery shopping today.  We had made our way through the store to the toothpaste and toothbrushes.  With coupons, Crest was $0.25 a tube and toothbrushes were free.  (Amen.)

Anyway, a store employee was in front of the display with her huge cart.  Seriously, it was huge.  It was one of those ladder cart things.  It looked like fun to climb, actually.

If the boys had been with us I would have had to hold them back and threaten them with no TV for a week to keep them off it. It looked like the grocery store version of an amusement park.

She was kind of grumpy.  She asked if she was in the way and I said, laughing, "Yes!  You're totally in the way."  I smiled at her.

She laughed.  She smiled. I smiled.

When Little One and I were checking out, the employee was working as a cashier.  She caught my eye and smiled at me.

My grocery shopping day felt so much lighter - even though Little One declared, LOUDLY, in the line that she had to make pee NOW and we had to race to the potty.

*Grin* I'm a sucker for a smile.

~ G

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