Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Maybe, Just Maybe...

the scale isn't broken.  Maybe.

See, I bought the scale maybe... five? years ago.  It is a fancy Taylor scale that I paid clearance for at Target.  It calculates BMI, fat percentage, calories required to maintain current weight, and water percentage.  Oh, it also calculates weight.

Never once have I broken below 30% fat.  I KNOW!  It's obviously broken.  BROKEN.  Until...

this morning.  My fat percentage was 29.9%.  I broke 30%.  Maybe, just maybe... the darn thing isn't broken.

Of course, this doesn't help my mental state because I did devour, singlehandedly, a box of pralines yesterday.  I even weighed less today.

Just don't ask about my sugar-hangover headache.

~ G

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