Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sleep... Not So Much

Well, I kinda got to sleep in this morning.  "Kinda" as in, I had to remind Darling he was getting up and I was sleeping in today.

This was after I got up to let out the dog.  And after I padded down the hall to tell the boys (who had woken up on their own at 6:30) that they needed to clean their room before playing any electronic devices.

I got back in bed and tried to not sound like a maniacal fog horn bellowing at Darling to get up because it was my turn to sleep in.

The thing is, once I'm awake, I'm awake.  Thank you, Motherhood.

So, I laid in bed, tossed and turned, could hear everything happening in the kitchen and everything happening in the family room, but felt determined to take advantage of "sleeping in."  I rested, but sleep... not so much.

It was still nice.  And the kids got some time with their daddy - who made their breakfast and watched "The Universe" with them.  Well worth it.

~ G

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