Friday, October 8, 2010

Huh. Ca-razy!

So, I've been inspired by the Jackie Warner This Is Why You're Fat thing.  What I've really changed is how I do cardio.  The settings on our elliptical weren't high enough and I wasn't getting enough of a fat burn off it.  That has changed.  Now I'm using the "peak" setting and have raised the level as high as I can go and get moving for 20 minutes.  Then I cool down on it for about 5-10 minutes.  About 5 minutes into the first 20 minutes, I'm dripping with sweat... aren't you glad I told you that tidbit?   Before I was doing 30 minutes of lower intensity, even on the peak setting, but wasn't getting the intense cardio experience.

I'm also dropping and doing (girl) push-ups at least once a day, sometimes three or four.  I've progressed from barely being able to do 10 at a time to doing 40 at a time.   The push-ups have made an enormous difference in my lower back and abs.  For the first time in years, I can see my obliques again.  Hello, 6-pack!  How I have missed thee.  :-)

The truth is in the numbers, though.  Today I measured again and here are my results.  In the past 2.5 weeks, I've lost:

5 lbs - which puts me 2 pounds from my target
5.5" - which makes my brand new Lucy top too big... grrr for wasted money/ yea for getting smaller!
29.6% body fat - which means I've come down from around 32% fat.  Yes!  My goal is to have less than 25% body fat.  Fat percentage is the one aspect I'm really working on because that's the number (on my broken scale) that bothers me the most.

I want to be healthy and feel good about my body.  The truth is that when I move and exercise, I feel better.  Period.  I was feeling good, but after checking my numbers today, I feel GREAT.  (Pralines and all.)

~ G

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  1. That is AWESOME!!! That is why I run. I hate it before and during, but afterwards...I feel AMAZING! And it helps that my husband thinks I look HOT! But, really I just want to be healthy.



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