Monday, October 11, 2010

I Love This Bed

I do.  I know it isn't fancy.  I know it's not fabulously chic.  But.  I love it.  It's the Hemnes bed from IKEA. I like the black/brown that goes with the bedding we have and want to keep.  I like the simple lines.  I like that there's enough architectural interest that it isn't boring, yet is simple enough it will work with my changing tastes over the years.  I like that it's strong, but won't dominate the space.  We currently have a home with high ceilings and lots of square footage in the master.  If we move to a smaller house with lower ceilings and a smaller master, I don't want my bed to overpower the room.  I like that we can adjust the mattress to be higher and above the side rails or lower and level with the side rails.  I think we can even choose a middle option.  It just works for me.

And, when we buy it... well, you need some back story on why this bed is such a big deal.

Here's the backstory: Darling and I have been married for over a decade.  We do not have a bed.  Well, we have a bed, but not a frame other than the $25 metal frame that holds the mattress set off the floor.  We don't have a headboard.  We don't have a foot board.  Why?

Significant lack of agreement on bedroom furniture.

For years, even before we married, we looked at furniture.  Couldn't agree.  So, rather than spending money on something one of us didn't like, we opted to not spend the money.

Then, last month we got a sitter for the kidlets and made the long trek to IKEA.  I love IKEA.  I don't know why.  But I do.  It makes me deliriously, ridiculously happy.  It makes me Target-happy.  I know.  Huge, right?  I walk in the store and have a nerve-tingling happy feeling.  Maybe I'm channeling my ancestors?  I don't know.

Darling and I had our fancy dinner of Swedish meatballs and shared a perfectly decadent slice of Overload Chocolate Cake.  We then wandered the store, holding hands.  Cute, I know.  We wandered the store, found ourselves in the bed area, and decided to look at beds.  I had zero expectations and figured we'd move on to whatever it was that brought us to the store in the first place rather quickly.  I saw the bed from across the room and decided to not even mention it, because I was sure Darling wouldn't like it.

To my humility at not being able to read his mind or know everything about him, AMEN, actually, he led me to that bed and declared he wanted it.  Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Money's a little tight right now with other obligations, so the plan is to save our pennies and buy it for ourselves as a Christmas present.

I'm so excited about getting a bed we both want that I can hardly stand myself.

It only took just over a decade to agree.

~ G


  1. IKEA makes me very very happy, too. YAY for agreeing on a bed!!


  2. IKEA makes me stressed out and overwhelmed. BUT I do like the bed ya'll picked! It's perfect.

  3. Both beds in my house have only the metal frame also. ODD's bed has a head board/foot board but I haven't gotten the rails that are needed to transform her crib to the full bed.

    So yeah, don't feel bad.



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