Monday, October 18, 2010

RED - Most Excellent

Darling and I had an unexpected date night last weekend.  It was unexpected because we hadn't planned it, but were able to secure a sitter mere hours before heading out on the town.  Well, "out on the town" is a bit of an exaggeration for our dates.  Really, we're just happy to be out of the house and to have the chance to hold hands.  Ah, how lovely to hold a hand that doesn't feel slightly sticky or crunchy... where do the kids get the grime on their hands?

Last night we saw RED.  Just in case you haven't see the trailer, here it is:

We loved it!  It's a fast-paced, smart, treasure-trove of all the actors we've enjoyed watching for the past twenty years in a witty format.  It was a blast!

What made our experience so much fun was exactly the same thing that made Gran Torino so fun.  We saw it in a theater packed with grown-ups.  There were no kids in the theater.  I'm in my late 30's and was probably one of the youngest people in the theater.  We all laughed at the same references and we laughed at the same jokes.  The same things made us snort.  That made it fun!  It's a movie for grown-ups.  We've all seen Die Hard.  We all saw it in the theater... when it was new.  We know these actors and have a history with them.  Seeing them in the same movie, some of them (like Malkovich) vamping on their reputations and others (like Mirren) thumbing their noses at their reputations made it positively enjoyable.

Darling and I saw the movie first, then tried out a new Asian fusion restaurant.  Eh, I'm not a fan of the "fusion."  Choose what you do and do it well, stop trying to be all things to all people.  It was acceptable food, with delightfully charming company.

We got to connect, we got to laugh, we got to talk uninterrupted, we got to be grown-ups.  Most excellent.

~ G

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