Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We've Been Jammed!

A friend and I made jam yesterday.  Strawberry jam, to be exact.  She'd never made jam.  It had been ten years since I made jam.  Strawberries were on ridiculous sale.  Had to make jam. I didn't have jars, so we opted to make freezer jam. This isn't a "how-to" post because all you need to know is on the direction sheet found inside the Sure-Jell box. This is a "YUM" post.

 And yes, these are recycled frosting cans.  Hush - like you've never cheated and bought icky canned icing.  Why am I taking jam pictures outside?  Because the grass is green and the light makes me happy.  Hey, the weeds are green, too.

Pay no attention to the wrong date on one of the jars. In my feeble defense, there were 5 kids running around while we made jam. Eh, the date's only off by a day, right?  Close enough.

Pay no attention to the missing spoonful spoonfuls.  This was the last-little-bit can. Hey, we had to test it. Homemade jam tastes amazing. It tastes like sunshine in a jar.  My friend said I sound like a hippie.  Let the record show that I forgive her for calling me a hippie.  There are only four jars because I sent one home with my friend - the one who called me a "hippie."  Tuh.

Any movie buffs out there who know where I got the title?  Post your answer for bragging rights.  

~ G

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