Monday, June 7, 2010

Not Quite "Nothing"

Remember my exciting colonoscopy and endoscopy?  That the doctor biopsied a polyp?  Remember how I told you it was nothing and all is well?  That's true. Mostly. The nurse called last Friday with the lab results. Turns out the "nothing" isn't quite "something," but it's not quite "nothing," either.  How's that for a sentence that would make an English teacher proud?  Ha.

It was an adenoma polyp.  Basically, it could have become pre-cancerous if left in my body.  Most colorectal cancers start with adenomas.  The course of action is to live my life and have another colonoscopy in three years.  

Glad it's out.  Glad I sucked it up and got truthful with my doctors.  Glad I did the procedures.  Glad I don't have to do it again for three years.

This is actually a huge answer to prayer.  (And thank you for praying.)  The cost of the procedures just about sent me stumbling to my rescue inhaler. I'm a mom.  I loathe spending money on myself.  When I walk into a store with $20, I think of all the ways I can spend the money for the benefit of my family.  Typically, that means something for the kids or house - not me. 

So, I prayed.  I asked God to make the money worth it - that it wouldn't quite be something, but not be nothing that I would feel guilty about for years, thus refusing to do future tests that would waste family money. God answered, didn't He?

Thank you for the prayers.  Now, to start wrapping my mind around politics again.  Baking.  Gardening.  Time to clear my brain of health issues and get back to the other exciting sections in the blog.  :-)

~ G

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