Wednesday, June 9, 2010


There's a "repost this" status passing through the news feeds of Facebook.  It says this:

"So where are all the 'save the gulf' concerts? Where are the tv benefits with celebrities and musicians giving heartfelt speeches for our fisherman, wildlife, beaches, loss of income and sabotaged gulf economy? I find it strange how these people, including our own government are so quick to help Haiti and other countries, but sit on their **ASS*** for the oil spill. Just the facts...repost if you agree."

Good question, yes?  Where are the benefit concerts?  Where are the ads all over the internet imploring people to give as they did for Haiti?  Granted, we aren't seeing the loss of life and destruction, but we are seeing the loss of a sizable portion of our Gulf Coast.

The Facebook status has brought the liberals out en masse.  I'm seeing them responding with self-righteous statements about the "greed" of "corporate America."

Greed? Which part seems greedy? The lack of government oversight for government rules? The forced deep-sea drilling when ANWR would be much less hazardous to our environment and when drilling in shallower waters is less dangerous than deep-sea drilling? The pass the Obama Administration gave BP's permits a week before the explosion? BP and the US government have both screwed up royally, but I'm not sure "greed" is the answer. Besides, how is a British company "corporate America?"

I'd say we're not seeing the concerts because most of those who put media-based benefits together are liberals and we have a liberal in the White House who has said he takes "full responsibility" for the spill - while he commences to do ... nothing. He hasn't helped Gov. Jindal by opening EPA channels or other agencies to get support to LA.

Obama has failed to speak with the CEO of BP. This is unconscionable. If someone were crapping all over your yard, you'd certainly talk to them about cleaning up your yard and not blithely expect them to do right by you. Having concerts to help the Gulf Coast clean-up and economy would be a blatant acknowledgement that their chosen one clearly isn't The One and aside from James Carville, I'm not sure they're ready to do that.

Sigh.  Thankfully I'm not the only conservative who's thinking about it.  Check out these fine examples:

I'm very impressed with Another Black Conservative's piece discussing the oil spill.  ABC puts it all together and remembers the details the MSM fails to remember.

There's a hilarious new blog called "Barack Obama's Oil Spill."  It's along the lines of Barack Obama's Teleprompter Blog, and brilliantly funny.

One of my new favorite haunts, Andrew Breitbart's Big Government, published an excellent piece by Andrew Mellon.  It's called "The Passion of Barack" and I think you'll enjoy it.

No Sheeples Here reminds us of what many on the Right knew going into the 2008 elections, but was deliberately ignored (obviously) by the majority of voters and why Obama's completely out of his element in dealing with the Gulf oil spill.

Keep your eyes open, because No Sheeples Here is our guest blogger later this week.

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