Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action

Frankly, I'm not shocked.  I'm not shocked BO can't stop lawyering and talking long enough to get something done.  I'm not shocked it took 57 days for him to meet with the BP Chairman of the Board.  Those of us who voted for McCain/Palin realized that BO had zero executive experience and "running" a series of political campaigns is no where akin to running a country back in 2008.  Heck, being mayor is better experience than being a community organizer.  But, dear readers, you knew that.

There are a couple of note-worthy stories that offer a glimpse of reason:

From the DailyCaller:  Louisiana voters are giving Obama poorer marks for his BP-oil spill response than they give Bush for his Katrina response.  Finally!  Obama has allowed inaction and red tape to scuttle Louisiana's and Mississippi's and Alabama's and Florida's initiative for addressing the impending damage and the voters have figured it out.  The Obama Administration's message is that the government will take care of it - but in truth, they have no idea how to do it, have no concept of what needs to be done, or have anyone on staff with any actual experience managing anything profitable.

The Administration's method is to ask people to sit on their hands and wait for the government to rescue them and then dither while the people drown.  I'm not a fan of federal power, but if the government has the power and those in charge insist they are in charge, I expect them to take care of the mess.  I expect phone calls to the CEO of BP - from the beginning of the crisis.  I expect a close accounting (and an invoice sent to BP) of the clean-up costs and people and equipment sent in - immediately - to protect and clean the water, beaches, and wetlands.

An example of a community not willing to play by Administration rules is Okaloosa county in Florida.  They have declared they won't wait for the government to bail them out, but will go ahead with their plans to protect their beaches.  Finally!  Of course, when you read the  fine print, you'll see they are going through the proper governmental channels and will only go their own way if not given approval.  Still, the plan is better than sitting on their hands.

It boils down to this:  Americans want Obama to do something other than just contacting the lawyers or insisting BP set up a fund to help those out of work due to the disaster.  The truth is those affected need clean water and clean beaches and clean product that aren't poisoned by oil.  They need a clean work space!

You see, most hard-working Americans aren't content to hold out their hands and receive money.  Most Americans want to work hard for their gains.  Clean up their space, get out of the way, and let them succeed.

What we need is a little less talk and a lot more action.

~ G

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