Thursday, December 2, 2010

So Charming of Me

How charming of me to leave you for several weeks with that odd dream posted.  Nice, nice work there, G.

My laptop died on Saturday, Nov. 13.  I'm here to tell you laptops do not like tea.  They just don't.  Just a friendly PSA from me to you.

The laptop came home from Best Buy (amen for buying the black tie warranty) and I had a deadline.  Then another.

The deadlines are self-imposed.  I'm actually 2 months ahead at this point, but I get paid as completed work is submitted.  I need the money.  The blog is fun and all, but it doesn't pay as much or at all as the other gig.

So, I'm back.  But another deadline looms.  20,000+ words by Monday.  You see the conundrum.  Gotta go write.

I'll be back soon.  Promise.

~ G

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