Thursday, December 9, 2010

How Do the Kids' Toys Feel?

Little One and I are watching Toy Story 3 again.  (Actually, she's watching and I'm sitting here on the couch writing and taking a moment to share a riveting thought with you.)

We checked the movie out from the library, so she's got a week to get in all her viewing, doncha know.

Watching the toys discuss Andy's room and being Andy's toys makes me wonder how my kids' toys feel about being in our house.  Is this a good place for them?  Do they like it here?  Are the kids good to them and do the kids use their imaginations to create a fabulously fun environment?  Do the toys feel a sense of terror and panic when I come in with the bags for donation and trash?

Um, you know, if they were real.  >Ahem<

~ G

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