Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Marriage Symposium

The idea of "marriage" has rattled around in my brain the past few weeks.  As I mentioned in my post last night, I am concerned that too many people walk away from marriages that could make it and almost no one speaks up to say, "hey wait, FIX the thing."  Instead, we have a culture of unwillingness to appear judgmental.  As a result, there is not much societal pressure to stay married and find a way to make marriage work.

Rather than write and write and write, I thought it would be interesting to ask several people to contribute to a marriage symposium and have a discussion about marriage.  After all, conversation is nearly always more interesting than lectures.

Over the next week we will welcome several guest bloggers.  I tried to invite writers whose marriages are from a broad spectrum, from young to mature.  Writing is a very personal, reflective process, and it is interesting to read what makes it to the screen.  In the next week, we will hear from men and women in different stages of marriage.

I hope you are as fascinated as I am to read their thoughts.  To the writers who have contributed, I say thank you very, very much.  Print out what you wrote and save it for your kids.  It's a gift.

~ G

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