Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pitch It!

Have you seen "Hoarders" on A&E? I just watched my first full show. A friend has been raving about it for awhile and despite my good intentions, didn't get around to watching it. DVR'ed it, but didn't watch it. Finally saw it this week.

Oh. My. Word. Now I look at every pile and every stack in my house and inwardly shriek, "AM I A HOARDER???" Let me tell you, the notices for the peanut-allergic kid in my son's Kindergarten class and the fliers for free bowling last December and the free magnets we got at the airshow that have never held a single shred of paper could not have hit the respective recycling and garbage cans faster if they were on fire. Well. If they were on fire ...yeah, that's another post. But you know what I mean. Household stacks beware! Be prepared to be pitched, donated, or put away! I AM NOT A HOARDER!

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