Sunday, February 14, 2010

It Only Took 30 Viewings

You know those Activia commercials? You know the ones. The Jamie Lee Curtis commercials. She's sitting on the couch or she's sitting talking to some nice women about bowels? Now there's a new commercial with a woman talking about how the rich foods from the holidays backed up her bowels. Well, no one ever says "bowel." Or "bowel movement." That would sound unseemly in a commercial. As we all know from the commercials, Activia contains "bifidus regularus," which seems to me like a friendly, scientific way to say "regular bowel movements." But really, who's going to buy yogurt that has "promotes regular bowel movements" on the side? The word "bowel" itself is unpleasant. Or funny. Actually, it takes great restraint on my part to not giggle like a school girl when someone says "bowel" because it reminds me of Monty Python. Say "bowel" and I have visions of the shackled, dangling prisoner clapping along from the bowels of the dungeon in Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail.

I digress. Back to the bowels. For the past few months my body hasn't felt right. I've adding foods, I've omitted foods. Nothing worked. Constantly felt bloated or just icky. So, I threw in the towel and used a coupon for Activia. Decided to try the "14 Day Challenge." I'm here to tell you that by day 12 I decided it was crap and just a pile of marketing. And then on day 13... well, crap.

That bloated feeling is gone. Even after consuming all that cream and butter in the Fettucine Alfredo my darling husband made the other night, my body feels normal. I feel regular from my neck to my knees. It only took 30 viewings of Activia commercials to get motivated to go out and buy it. Now, if they would give me money to tell you how well it works, I'd be very happy. Activia people? Are you out there? I'll gladly sing your praises for some money. And I won't even say bowels. Or crap. Crap, I just said it, didn't I?


  1. Yes Miss Potty Mouth, you said I say this...Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. Good day now!

  2. LMAO! Too funny and educational!



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