Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Got It Covered?

Time for a serious moment. Thought about life insurance? If you're a mom, you need it. If you're a stay-at-home mom, you need it. Think about it. What do you do all day? Care for children, ferry children, do the shopping, the cleaning, the laundry, and more. What would it cost to pay someone to do all you do? Take a moment. Add it up.

Now stop. Imagine you're gone. Stop sniffling. Imagine your husband has to continue working full time to keep the money coming in and can't very well stay home to do your jobs. He has to pay someone. Do you currently have enough money to pay for that? Right now, in your bank account. If the answer's no, then you need life insurance. This isn't about leaving behind enough money to pay for his new car or the kids' Harvard educations. This is about making sure they get the care they need if you're not around to give it.

Why do I bring this up? I'm not receiving any payment for this - though if someone wants to pay me to shill for them, this space is available. I say all this because my friend who passed didn't have any money set aside or a life insurance policy. There wasn't even enough money set aside for final expenses. The family asked for donations and had a donation jar set on the back table during the service. He was healthy, he was fine, he never thought that he might not be around. If he had known those he left behind would be in dire straights, he probably would have been ashamed and acted.

For a small amount of money, say what you spend a month on drive-thru, you can have a policy that'll cover several years' worth of housekeeping, daycare, and sitters. Call a reputable company and get a quote. Chances are, you can get a good policy for less than $50 a month. Just guessing there.

So act. And when you talk to your husband about it and he says, "I've got it covered," unless he's a secret millionaire, he doesn't actually have it covered. Ask to see the paperwork. Your family is too important to be left with the coins in a donation jar.

Sermon over.

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