Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bath Time Change

I'm a mom of three. I've always been attentive when my little ones were bathing. How attentive? Well, I've run out to get the mail while the water warmed up - the plug wasn't in. I've run to get jammies. I've run to get the phone. I've run to grab a glass of water for myself. I've run. I haven't walked. I've always thought that by running, nothing bad could happen to a little one in the tub. Surely if I run and if I am fast, I'll still be able to prevent harm.

Well. Praise God that all three of mine are healthy and happy and have come to no harm, despite my foolish behavior. But. I'm never walking away from a little one in the tub. Ever. Again.

What changed? This: Long, long, painful story short: Her youngest was left in the tub with big brothers while she ran to grab jammies. By the time she got back, he wasn't breathing. After the NICU and therapy, he looks as if he'll make a full recovery. It's a miracle. A miracle. But I know better to tempt God, especially after He's gone to the trouble to teach me some lessons. Read the whole blog. You'll see the lessons. And thank you, dear humble Sara for blogging it all. You will never know the lives you've saved by sharing your story.

How well have I learned? This evening a friend dropped off her son so she could run some late afternoon errands. After feeding the kids dinner, it was time for my youngest to get a bath. A couple weeks ago, I would have run the bath and kept an ear open for the doorbell. Not anymore. Knowing that my friend could arrive at any moment, I did not put Little Girl in the tub. There was no way I would leave the bathroom to get the door. Or answer the phone. Or help someone find shoes or whatever. So, Little Girl played while we waited. And after our guest left, Little Girl got her bath. And I forgot to grab my book so I could read while played in the water. And I did not go get my book. I sat on the floor and kept Little Girl company until the bath was over and she was out and dressed.

Never. Again. Will I leave a small child in the bathroom. Even to run and grab her jammies.


  1. You gave me that link the other day. I read the entire thing. And my whole outlook on bath time changed forever.

  2. Amen, sister! I hope all mom's get to hear this story.

  3. Wow that is so eye opening! So, as I am apparently pretty ignorant about this. What age IS it okay to leave the room for 20-30 seconds? My DD is 5 - I'm guessing that is still too young?



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