Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Smell Spin

Secretary of Commerce John Bryson was allegedly involved in two hit-and-runs over the weekend.  In the first one, he crashed into the car in front of him, got out and talked with the three men in the car he hit, then fled the scene without giving any information - hitting their car again as he escaped.  Read about it here.

He then proceeded to hit another car.  He then passed out.  Had he not needed hospitalization at that point, he would have been arrested.

The story coming from the Department of Commerce is that Bryson suffered a seizure, which caused the crash.

While that might be, I find it difficult to believe he could exit his vehicle, have a conversation with the men whose vehicle he hit, and then manage to flee the scene.  This does not sound like a seizure.  This sounds like a character flaw.

Do we need to discuss character flaws in the Obama Administration?

Didn't think so.

~ G

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