Saturday, May 19, 2012

Word Association

Let's play a game of word association.  Watch the following video about this story and tell me what words come to mind.


And... go!

Here, I'll help you:

Cognitive dissonance: This man told a judge he would stop making babies, yet he fathered NINE more babies in three years.  Take a break, buddy.

Vasectomy: Dude, if you can't keep it in your pants and (obviously) eschew the use of condoms, try snipping the cords to the baby-maker.  Try it.  You might like the freedom.

Responsibility: Catch a clue.  You have THIRTY children and yet you have only one job, and clearly have time to hook up with more Baby Mamas.  Try getting more work.  It'll keep you busier - and maybe slightly too tired to make more babies.

And Tennessee Ladies: Please take note of this man's face.  Do NOT assume he's shooting blanks.  Unless you want only $1.50 a month to support your baby, this man is a bad bet.

Did I miss any?

~ G

Friday, May 18, 2012

Enough with the Class Warfare!

Sadly, Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker has gotten into the swing of carrying the bully stick.  I am so beyond sick of the class warfare cry.  Frankly, I prefer the Jon Lovitz style of addressing class warfare.  He was also Hannity last night and said something fantastic.

Yeah, I'm video clip happy right now.  Deal.

 ~ G

Will the Fat Tax Make Us Healthy?

Fat Tax. An extra percentage of money attached to your twinkies, ho hos and soda pop. Raise your hand if you are appalled at the thought of the government being involved in your midnight binges in front of Nick at Night. After you calm down, go get yourself a mocha latte and think about it this way. That extra money (pennies really) could be a key  player in the war against becoming China's bitch. If that tax money is collected and applied to our national debt we could begin to change the dynamics of our economic policy.

Think of all the junk food you as an individual or family buy. Yes - all that fast food, junk food, soda, and crap is making us one fat nation. But do you think people are going to stop buying all of it just because there is a fat tax on it? It is all about personal responsibility - and that responsibility is not affected by pennies. It is affected by emotional attachments to food. Just like the cigarette and alcohol taxes, the fat tax will just be added in to the dollar amount and not even considered as government interference. People may grumble and shake their fists, but they will still buy their twinkies. People will still go to McDonalds. People will not suddenly become slim and healthy because their happy food is taxed.

Ok Liberatarians - what are your thoughts?

~ J

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Too Far or Not Far Enough?

Watch the following video, produced by Susan B. Anthony List, and tell me if you think it goes too far:

I gotta tell ya, after getting into a conversation with a liberal who told me I couldn't possibly be pro-life because I am a woman, this video does not go too far.  Since when do all women have to think alike?   Yes, I have a vagina and yes, I am a mother, but that does not mean I am pro-choice and vote Democrat (tuh-tuh).

So tell me.  Does this video go to far for you?  Does it not go far enough?  Why?
Whatcha think?

~  G

My Money Goes Where? Gimme a Refund!

When I think of my tax dollars I like to envision the great American things that are being done with it... libraries, roads, ammo for our kick ass military. What I don't picture is the millions of dollars being sucked out of our budget and paid directly to the pockets of our ex-presidents. Now, I don't begrudge the former presidents'(or their widows) their social security or their medicare. Everyone (at this point and time) is eligible for those programs when they become of age. I don't mind the cost of the Secret Service either. We want them protected. What I have a problem with is the amount of money budgeted every year for phone calls, office staff, travel, office space, postage, and other miscellaneous overhead that should be paid out of their own (rich) pockets - not my (poor) ones.

Don't go thinking I am picking on the Democrats - the Republicans are just as bad. George W is at the top of the list with his request for 1.3 million dollars for 2013. His daddy? He wants $879,000. Clinton requests a smooth Mil for his overhead. And even Jimmy Carter wants his share... at the cost of $500,000.

We owe all this to the Former President's Act of 1958. That sweet deal was brokered so that our Presidents would be taken care of. Hmm. I thought that's what their pensions were for? Who knew we would be paying for staples, postage and paperclips forever. (Mrs. Reagan do you really need 7 grand for postage?).

Don't like it? Utah is spearheading a campaign in Congress to stop our tax dollars from funding these items. But only if the president makes over $400,000 a year. Not ideal, but hey - it's better than just shooting our tax dollars directly to the Office Depot.

~ J

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If You Have the Time - This is Worth Watching

Jonah Goldberg sits down with Ginni Thomas for an insightful and educational interview. He answers the following questions:

*If you were in the establishment media, what questions might you ask President Obama?
*Tell us about your new book Discuss the emergence of the “No Labels” crowd.
*Give us a 30,000 feet up perspective on American politics in 2012.
*Discuss the left’s perspective on American exceptionalism.
*Are the tactics of the left hardening and getting more extreme, uncivil?
*What gives you hope?
*Discuss the president’s “fairness” rhetoric and how it divides Americans?
*Wasn’t electing America’s first black president a milestone to celebrate in America?  

 Read more:

~ G


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