Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spare Me the Label

Why is it that when conservatives and the average American decide to stand up against Democrats, it's a contrived, organized mob that can only be "astroturf?" But when liberals and Democrats bus people to functions, pay people to protests, and even make signs for them to wave, it's just Americans exercising their right to free speech? Spare me.

I've had enough.

We stayed in a hotel recently. When we went downstairs for the continental breakfast, we noticed every single table was occupied. In fact, the room was packed. What made it even more extraordinary was that everyone was silent. No one was talking. They all had their eyes glued to the tv. What was on? What could possibly have captured their attention so fully? It was the Arlen Specter Town Hall on healthcare.

If a hotel lobby full of hungry travelers could be captivated by healthcare and discussion of it, please spare me the label "astroturf."


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