Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nice, Schmice

This whole "be nice" thing is not as easy as it sounds.

Well, those of you who share my snark problem probably already knew that little nugget.

Last night required stores of self-control to listen, not speak, let Darling talk, not speak, not interrupt, and let Darling take 20 minutes his time getting to his point to explain his thoughts.

It would seem that the request to "be nice" has illuminated my extraordinary lack of patience.

>head desk<

It also occurs to me that the Lord asked me to "be kind," yet I keep saying "be nice."  Hmmm... time to do some navel-gazing on the differences between the two.


~ G

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  1. I think often "nice" and "kind" get confused, and to the great detriment of souls. My friend often says, "I'm the nice one, please don't hate me," because it was my job to deliver bad news and/or corrections when we worked together. Being nice, in my book, leads to parents being friends and friends being superficial. Whereas being kind (gently doing or saying what is best for a person) oftentimes leads to tough love and difficult situations. That's just my two cents.



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