Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Am Sneaky

I am sneaky.

There.  I admitted it.  I'll tell you what I did in a moment, but first, let me share the ingenuity of countless others:

Stale cereal does not have to meet the garbage can.  Pour the stale cereal on a sheet pan and pop in a low oven (the lowest your oven will go - mine is 175-degrees F).  Set the timer for 20 minutes and in 20 minutes, your formerly stale cereal should have its crunch back.

So, back to my diabolical sneakiness.  Did I say diabolical?  Yes, yes I did.

We had a box of stale Corn Pops.  The kids don't like them.  I know, right?  What is wrong with them?  Anyway, the box had gone stale and rather than throw away perfectly good food, I plotted to use them in Rice Krispie treats.  No, that's not the diabolical part... I mean the sneaky part.  Truly, substituting one cereal for another is not sneaky.  It is clever and frugal and resourceful, but not sneaky.

 See?  They look good, yes?  Yuuuuummmm.  

You want to know the sneaky, diabolically genius part, don't you?


I added a handful of chocolate chips.  Can you see how they melted a little and got everywhere?  Don't they look yummy?  They do.  So what's so diabolical about that?  

The truth is all those little tiny specks are actually ground flax seed - just camouflaged by the chocolate.  Ahahahahahaha!  The kids and Darling (and I) will be getting some omega-3 fatty acids without even trying.  

Rest assured I have taste-tested the treats and the texture is unchanged and nary a soul (except you and me) will know there is flax seed in the dessert.

Told you I'm sneaky.

~ G

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