Saturday, May 19, 2012

Word Association

Let's play a game of word association.  Watch the following video about this story and tell me what words come to mind.


And... go!

Here, I'll help you:

Cognitive dissonance: This man told a judge he would stop making babies, yet he fathered NINE more babies in three years.  Take a break, buddy.

Vasectomy: Dude, if you can't keep it in your pants and (obviously) eschew the use of condoms, try snipping the cords to the baby-maker.  Try it.  You might like the freedom.

Responsibility: Catch a clue.  You have THIRTY children and yet you have only one job, and clearly have time to hook up with more Baby Mamas.  Try getting more work.  It'll keep you busier - and maybe slightly too tired to make more babies.

And Tennessee Ladies: Please take note of this man's face.  Do NOT assume he's shooting blanks.  Unless you want only $1.50 a month to support your baby, this man is a bad bet.

Did I miss any?

~ G

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