Friday, May 18, 2012

Will the Fat Tax Make Us Healthy?

Fat Tax. An extra percentage of money attached to your twinkies, ho hos and soda pop. Raise your hand if you are appalled at the thought of the government being involved in your midnight binges in front of Nick at Night. After you calm down, go get yourself a mocha latte and think about it this way. That extra money (pennies really) could be a key  player in the war against becoming China's bitch. If that tax money is collected and applied to our national debt we could begin to change the dynamics of our economic policy.

Think of all the junk food you as an individual or family buy. Yes - all that fast food, junk food, soda, and crap is making us one fat nation. But do you think people are going to stop buying all of it just because there is a fat tax on it? It is all about personal responsibility - and that responsibility is not affected by pennies. It is affected by emotional attachments to food. Just like the cigarette and alcohol taxes, the fat tax will just be added in to the dollar amount and not even considered as government interference. People may grumble and shake their fists, but they will still buy their twinkies. People will still go to McDonalds. People will not suddenly become slim and healthy because their happy food is taxed.

Ok Liberatarians - what are your thoughts?

~ J


  1. Well, J, I completely disagree. While the notion of more taxes to pay down the debt and not become China's bitch is fantastic, truly, I do not believe our politicians can be trusted. Tobacco tax and lottery ticket revenue was to aid the Texas Education system. It has not happened. Too often, politicians see more money coming in and act as if it's a free-for-all spending spree.

    We do not need more taxes. We need spending cuts and a hatchet job on our budget.

  2. You mean we can't trust our representatives? Curses! You are right, G. The money tunnel will have so many exits - and it probably will not be debt reduction.



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