Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lessons From Bed

Ha. How many hits will this post get with the use of "bed" in the title?

Here is the deal. I hurt my weak ankle two weeks ago. This is the ankle I broke 23 years ago and the same ankle I sprain or twist every few years, whether it needs it or not. Consistency is important, doncha know?

Ahem.  My ankle sustained injury and was feeling better.  Then, like a classic dumbass moron idiot fool, I gave in to the kids wanting me to jump on the trampoline with them and... two hours later the pain was unbearable.  My ankle felt like it did post-surgery when I was a teenager. Nice, huh?

Sigh.  At any rate, I am now in reduced-severe pain (thank you, hydrocodone) and bedridden. This is day two.  As miserable as the prospect of being bedridden for proper healing is, it reminds me of all the tips and tricks I learned while on bed rest with my last two pregnancies.

Let me share the lessons from bed:

1. Get dressed.  Even if you put on super-comfy flannels or your favorite sloppy shirt and shorts, get out of your jammies.  Getting dressed gives structure to the day.  This is "awake" time (even if you take 3 naps today), so dress for being awake.
2. Open the curtains or blinds. Natural light in the room helps keep your internal clock on some semblance of "normal."  It also prevents you from feeling like Vampira.
3. Make the bed.  Yes, you are on bed rest or bedridden, but save the clean sheets for night time.  Park your toosh on top of the comforter.
4. Park your toosh in the middle of the bed.  Chances are good your beloved will not take a snooze during the day.  This is your throne for the duration, so dominate the space Your Highness!  Save staying on your side of the bed for nighttime - when you are back in the jammies and under the clean sheets.
5. Brush your teeth and wash your face.  Plan on a shower later in the day to break up the afternoon.
6. Assemble your bed stuff first thing in the morning.  This is the stuff you keep with you all day.  For me, this starts with a tray.  A tray provides a place for drinks and meals.  It also keeps all your stuff organized so your current mess of a life does not feel more out-of-control than necessary.  My tray holds:
  • the telephone
  • the cell phone (which you can't see in the pic because I'm holding it)
  • reading material
  • the remote
  • laptop
  • water, preferably with a lid
  • meds, unless you tend to forget how and when to take them, in which case have your husband or mother dole them out when necessary
  • lip balm
  • extra pillows
  • throw blanket
  • anything else you need, like tissues or reading glasses
My tray for today.  See those blue shorts at
the bottom of the pick?  Those are leftover
maternity shorts from Big Kid's pregnancy.
They are comfy.  They look like hell and
need hemming on one leg, but I they are
my go-to comfy shorts.
My poor little ankle atop an extra pillow.
See the other extra pillow and throw blanket?
These are most excellent for naps.

6. Settle into bed rest.  Ease into it like a bubble bath.  You are stuck and not going anywhere, so stop trying to be "you" and chill out.  
7. Come up with a TV viewing plan.  Flip through the guide and find about 20 things that interest you.  Record them. Watching home improvement shows or the current marathon of "Millionaire Matchmaker" will give structure to your day. If you are bedridden for 3 days, scroll through the guide and record things for the next few days. Having something attainable to anticipate makes things easier.  You will not be cleaning anything or moving anything or pulling weeds.  You are stuck in bed.  Embrace it.  You are not lazy - you have been ordered to bed.  Find ways to enjoy it!  
8. If you have kids, plan special time with them - or embrace the random moments.  Have a movie night in your bed with just one of your children.  Give your daughter a pedicure.  Read with just one child.  Yesterday I was awakened from a snooze to play ponies with Little One.  Each one of my kids has had the opportunity to hang out with me.  Who knew bed rest could equal special time alone with each kid?

Bed rest is not a helluva lot of fun, but can be made quite bearable. I'm just sayin.'

~ G

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