Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My Darling has decided to remove dairy from his diet to see if it's the culprit for some health issues.

No dairy for him until Christmas.

Suddenly, I have forgotten how to cook.

It's like "no-dairy" has translated in my head as "no-cooking."

I need help.

Would you mind posting your favorite non-dairy recipes and/or links?  I would appreciate it.

~ G


  1. Lowcarb - go lowcarb. Meat, meat oh and meat. Yum.

  2. Lots of soups and stews don't have any dairy in them, except for stuff you add on top. Like chili and tortilla soup. You can make these kinds of things, and then Darling can eat them plain, and you and the kids can add cheese and sour cream if you like. I also make pizza soup- which basically a bunch of sauteed pizza toppings, add some stock, a can of crushed tomatoes and some seasoning (garlic, basil, oregano). You can add pasta too if you like. And then top with cheese (except for Darling). :o)

  3. We've had bouts of dairy free with both of my girls (for, ummm, excess mucous issues. . . yuck, I know). For cereal, we used vanilla rice milk (I'm a little leery of processed soy) and neither complained a bit about that. I also used rice milk in pancakes and other baked goods that called for milk. We only eliminated obvious dairy, though. I didn't read every package to try to rid ourselves of every tiny last possible trace of cow's milk. Eliminating hidden dairy is a lot harder, but usually isn't necessary if you're just trying to see if dairy is a problem.



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