Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Home Church

We've been home-churching for several months now.  At first it was a reaction to never seeming to be able to make it to church.  If we didn't have out-of-town guests, we had a sick kid.  If we didn't have a sick kid, we had some other reason we couldn't go.  Finally, instead of surrendering and not getting any churching into our kids, we opted to home church.

The initial decision was kind of a knee-jerk thing.  Someone, maybe me, pitched an unholy fit about the kids not getting the Bible stories they need to "train them up" in the way they should go.  Darling grabbed a Veggie Tales off the shelf, popped it in the DVD player and we had church.  We watched the video, talked, prayed, and home church was over.

I kind of liked it.  I kind of liked that I knew exactly what the kids had learned in church and I liked that we had the same lesson to discuss all week.

A few weeks ago, though, Veggie Tales became too animated for us.  Big Kid and Middle One know all these videos by heart, so using them as church material wasn't exactly keeping them attentive.  So, on date night, Darling and I stopped at the Christian book store and selected a couple books to help us.

So far, so good.

~ G

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