Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ewwww... That Can't Possibly Still Be On My Cup!

Wake up.  Let out the dog to do her business.  Who's idea was it to get this beast, anyhow?  Mine.  Drat.  Stumble into the kitchen.  Reach into the dishwasher.  Grab my coffee mug and its lid.  Pour in an inch or so of milk.  Squeeze in a couple second's worth of chocolate syrup.  Stir.  I now like my own coffee more than I like Starbuck's.  Their's always tastes burned to me. Me, the chick who doesn't like coffee, now requires coffee to stave off a ripping, pounding, skull-vise of a headache  Oh, and it tastes good.  And it helps my eyes stay open.  Top off the mug with some cinnamon coffee.  Stir. Turn the lid to seal.  Lift to take a first, eye-flickering sip and ...EWWWWWWWWW... my lip gloss from yesterday is still on the lid!  Ewwwww... that can't possibly still be on my cup!  

It's not even lipstick.  This is lip gloss.  Gloss.  Gloss - as in, "I-don't-want-any-color-on-my-lips-too- permanently-because-I-don't-like-how-it-looks-so-I-go-with-the-wimpy-lip-gloss" lip gloss.  Lip gloss. Still on my cup after going through an entire washing cycle. Lip. Gloss. Snort.

Thus concludes my experiment with dishwasher detergents.  I grew up with Cascade powder, but those days ended after I tried dishwasher tabs.  Last night's freebie sample of Cascade Extra Action failed me for the last time.  I'm done.  From now on it's Finish Powerball Tabs because I can put anything - anything - in my dishwasher and the dishes come out clean.  $12 for 90 tabs might seem a little steep, but when it saves me money on rewashing lip gloss mugs, it is worth it.  I'm just sayin.'

...If anyone from Finish is reading, I sure would appreciate some samples.  Or coupons.  Or a case of Finish.  Heck, I'll wear a t-shirt for ya for free detergent.  

~ G

Lip gloss I say.  ewwwwwww

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