Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jumping in a Little Late

I am not a Romney fan.  There.  I said it.  He's too slick and too ... too for me.  While it has been proven his attack team might very well be able to match Axelrod's level of conniving sleaze, Romney simply does not excite me as a candidate.  Simply put: I think he's moved to the Right for the election cycle when he's really a moderate on par with John McCain.  Moderate Republicans do not win the White House.

As for Newt.  Well.  Dear Newt.  I very much enjoy him in debates, but he seems rather undisciplined.  He flings pins all over the map and gets a little lost periodically.  For instance, the Bain debacle - challenging the free market - made me wonder what on earth he was thinking.  

Ron Paul has not a chance, but he will stick it out until the convention.  He self-appointed task to encourage discussion has brought in the moderate youth who are no longer enamored of President Obama.  What happens to their votes when Paul fails to win the nomination?

I like Santorum.  He is the only Conservative candidate on the GOP stage.  Santorum, however, lacks flash and the pizzazz needed to win the nomination.  

It's early.  I need coffee.  If you are out there, please post some comments and tell me what you think about the candidates.

~ G

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