Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trolling for Ideas...

It would seem Darling and I have been gifted three nights alone as an anniversary gift.  Yippee!

We have a summer anniversary, so we have time to think and plan...

and save.


I'm at a loss.  Truly, I think staying home in our own house, our own bed, not sharing a wall with anyone, and doing a staycation would be lovely.

We've never, ever, ever, had a night alone in our home.  Heck, we've never, ever, ever had a night away from the kids.

I almost don't even know what to do with myself.


We want a few days of good food, good booze, no kids, no responsibilities, not a lot of nickel-and-diming in the way of tips, a quiet room, places to wander, spots around to feel secluded and not surrounded by crushing crowds, and no need to get in the car and drive anywhere.

Does such a place exist... that isn't a Caribbean all-inclusive we can't afford right now?

Help!  I'm trolling for ideas on getaway spots.


Post 'em here.  Ask your friends.  Pass it around.  Share your ideas.  Links are welcome!

~ G


  1. Well, my preference would be a cabin somewhere. Would that be a possibility?

  2. A cabin could be a possibility. Fun suggestion!

    I don't know about budget, yet. Maybe $500 -$1000? Maybe?

    Also, I said "no kids." Eh, a few kids would be acceptable, but an amusement park full of kids wouldn't exactly give us a vacation.

  3. Oh! And we don't mind travelling. Planes or trains or automobiles are just dandy. :-)

  4. This looks pretty and it's not that far (not "passport" far)


    IDK. I'm a cabin person. I'd live in one up in the mountains if I could. New Mexico and AZ also have some nice ones :)



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