Saturday, January 2, 2010

Glimpses of Joy

Yesterday challenged the emotions, didn't it? Whew! Glad the first day of the new year is over. The pressure to manufacture joy or to bubble forth with glad tidings has ceased. Of course, if you read yesterday's post, you'll realize I neither manufactured joy nor bubbled forth with glad tidings. I moped and slumped in sadness. Although... a few glimpses of joy burst from under the clouds to brighten the mood.

So what happened? Ha ha! Well, at dinner, our youngest sat down and shouted, "eye!" "You? You need ice?" I asked. She squinted her two year-old eyes and yelled, "eye!" "You need ice?" She then poked herself in the eye and squealed, "EYE!" "OH! You have eyes?" "YES!" She commenced to giggling uncontrollably. Thank God for toddlers.

Other wonderful things that happened last night and today? Our youngest son snuggled with me. Our oldest son and I walked down the hall - and he held my hand! My husband told me he appreciated everything I do for him and our family. A son cleaned up his mess after (accidentally) dumping oatmeal all over the floor. And... tonight my husband and I have a date night where we only have to spend time with each other, no shopping or scurrying, just us being together.

Even when the big picture looks bleak, there are glimpses of joy. Or do I have it backwards? Is the big picture bright and joyful with spots of bleakness? I don't know. And... I don't know that I care one way or the other, but I am very thankful for the gut-busting laughter and the sweet, quiet moments.



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