Sunday, December 27, 2009

Not a Recommendation

In an effort to stay away from the news during this season of bleak tidings from Washington, I started reading "Julie & Julia". I tried to convince my husband to go see the film, starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. He refused. Since the book is usually better than the film, I figured I'd start there. I'm on page 191 of 359 and... I hate it. It's chick lit at it's worst.

Basically, she embodies just about every stereotypical liberal-quality that gets on the nerves. She's whiny. She's over-emotional. She lacks a sturdy backbone. She thinks all Republicans are heartless and non-emotional (probably just her perspective from the heights of hysteria, anyone who's not flinging herself off a roof must be non-emotional). She encourages her friend's infidelity. She's just about the last person I'd want for a friend, so why on earth should I finish this book?

The answer is I shouldn't and I don't have to - it's terrible. This is NOT a recommendation for Julie & Julia. Read it only if you're a true lover of chick lit. I'm not. Can't stand the stuff anymore. The last chick lit book I read (and loved) was over a decade ago and it was Bridget Jones' Diary. Since then I've grown the hell up, gotten married, had children, and miscarried a few times. The time and energy to read whiny, wiggly drivel has long passed by.

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