Monday, September 21, 2009


Today I am troubled. I am troubled by the nastiness I see in the papers, in the news, and in the world around me. The constant insistence of the Left that anyone who doesn't agree completely with Obama is a racist wears thin. It seems to me that calling someone a racist is losing it's meaning. It's crying wolf. "Racist!" or "racism" used to stop people from continuing with their arguments. Now it's merely the first step in the debate. It's become the first response from the liberals.

"Racist!" Whew. Finally. Hope you got that out of your system. Maybe now we have have a discussion about policies.

There was an op-ed in the local paper today that torqued my jaw. The writer concerned himself with pointing out the instances of racism he'd seen and the bigotry he'd witnessed. Nevermind he called Tea Party Patriots that foul, lewd name Anderson Cooper coined for them. So while this writer is professing his moral superiority, he's calling the Right names. Classy. Really, this just confirms my hypothesis that those who are engaged in the business of calling dissenters "racists" are actually the ones with the prejudice problem.

This afternoon I sat down with my Bible. Prayer bubbled from my lips and my heart begged God to open our eyes and our ears and our hearts to him so that we might see each other through him. God is the only one who can unite us. Whether we choose to allow him to work through us is another thing all together.

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